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Library Teacher Tools What’s New Wednesday Cafe-August 27th, 2014

August 27th, 2014



What’s New Wednesday Cafe post!

WhatsNewWednesday.pngSo excited about this post!!

We’ll be posting updates from our blog, TpT store, and Toolbox, as well as tips and tools from around the web every other Wednesday.

We hope that you find our cafe theme enjoyable. We had so much fun creating it and couldn’t wait to share!

Also, if you take a close look at our image highlights, you’ll see an added bonus… What’s a cafe without a few tasty treats? We’ve created a new Pinterest board that will feature cafe recipes for our What’s New Wednesday posts. This week is all about chai—a favorite here at Library Teacher Tools.   (Just had chai gelato from Whole Foods this past weekend)—if only you could see the smiles :) We’ve found a yummy chai cupcake recipe and a delicious recipe for chai tea latte.  Chai tea latte is the perfect drink for a mid-week cafe break.  Enjoy!

Also, we’re even more excited because our first Library Teacher Tools Cafe News magazine is available below.  Please be sure to check out this premiere issue for September/October!


Featured today:

  • Back to school orientation lessons
  • Librarian’s Planner
  • Library Card Sign Up Month
  • Yummy Chai Tea Latte and Chai Cupcake recipe


Teachers Pay Teachers Features

Library orientation is a very important first library lesson of the school year.  It is very important that students feel welcome and have all the information they need to have enjoyable visits to the library.

Orientation also sets the tone for the year, as you inform students of library rules and expectations.

Both new and returning students should participate in orientation lessons.  Even though much information will be repeated for returning students, there will also be much that may be new or that they may have forgotten.

Orientation lessons can be very fun and lead students to being very excited about future library visits.  You can take this time to discuss lessons and activities that will be planned throughout the school year.

Featured in our Teachers Pay Teachers store are two orientation lessons, one for grades K-1 and another for grades 2-5.  We’ve included a sticker set for younger students that they can proudly wear to announce their first visit to the library.  (Requires sticker paper and a 2″ round punch)

A scavenger hunt is included for grades 2-5 to help them become more familiar with the library environment.

This is one of several essential skills library resources that will be posted to TpT and in our Toolbox.

Book care is another important lesson to introduce at the beginning of the school year prior to the first check out.  Be on the look out for our Book Care Lesson Packet—Coming Soon.


Also in our Teacher’s Pay Teachers store is a Librarian’s Planner that will help you plan for classes and more throughout the school year.


Don’t forget—September is Library Card Sign Up Month

Visit the ALA website for more information.


Check out our Cafe recipes on our Pinterest page.  We will feature new recipes with each Wednesday Cafe post.  

Today’s feature is Chai tea and Chai cupcakes.

Chai is the word for tea in many parts of the world and has been a very important part of daily life in many cultures.

Chai tea is a favorite here at Library Teacher Tools and is frequently sitting along side our computers as we work.  It’s usually mixed with milk (we like it with soy) and the tea itself is very fragrant and full spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pepper.


View the first issue of Cafe News:

Library Orientation for First Time Library Visits

August 15th, 2014












The beginning of the school year also means welcoming your newest little visitors to the library. PreK and Kindergarten students will not only be tasked with becoming familiar with their classroom environment, but also, for many, it will be their first visit to the library. Library orientation is very important for all students, new and returning, because it sets the stage for the entire school year.  However, a few additional planning steps are necessary for little ones and involves having tools in place to calm fears, introduce yourself and the library, create a welcoming environment, and have students view the library as an exciting; wonderful learning space that they will love.

When presenting library orientation information to younger students, visuals are a must.  A Powerpoint presentation works very well because images will hold attention and help lead discussions.  Lots of color, smiling characters, brief points, and a presentation that moves along, while consistently interacting with students will lead to a very successful first library lesson. It is important to inform students, but also get them involved.  Ask questions, such as “who has been to the public library?” and “what did you do there?”  These types of questions will not only help “break the ice”, but also provide students who have never visited the library before, a point of reference.

We recently posted a beginning of the year orientation packet for PK-1 to our TpT store and in our Toolbox.  The packet includes a presentation that is colorful, contains brief points, and allows for good discussions.  It is very brief and quickly moves into students being able to practice library rules and expectations while hearing a story. Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn is a very good book for orientation lessons and is one of our favorites.  This book is also available on Tumblebooks (subscription based site) and can be projected and played during the orientation lesson.


Videos are also great to add to your lesson.  Here is a very good one related to library manners:

When providing orientation for your youngest learners, keeping them involved, keeping them informed, and most of all, keeping them excited, will lead to a very successful first day in the library.

Exciting News! Library Teacher Tools’ New Online Store Opening

August 4th, 2014



We are super excited to announce that Library Teacher Tools has just opened a Teachers Pay Teachers store!  


We’ve just added some great back to school library lesson plan packets to help you plan for the new school year.

If you’ve been thinking about our membership option in the Toolbox, this is a great way to become familiar with us and start using some of our  tools in your library classroom. We offer lots of monthly tips and ideas with a Toolbox membership.

Please continue to look for our product offerings on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Also, if you decide you want to give us a try long-term; you can return to our site and sign up for our annual membership.

Check us out today on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -


World’s Most Spectacular Libraries

October 27th, 2013


Just came across this wonderful article from Architectural Digest, featuring the most spectacular libraries in the world.

This article has been featured in their November 2013 issue.

The pictures are absolutely stunning!

Read Article

Get Ready for Read for the Record 2013!

September 26th, 2013









Jumpstart’s Read for the Record event is just around the corner.  Get ready to participate on Thursday, October 3, 2013.


What is Read for the Record?

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record®, presented in partnership with the Pearson Foundation, is one day of the year when millions of individuals come together to celebrate literacy and support Jumpstart in its efforts to promote early childhood education. On October 3, 2013, millions of adults and children across the country will read Otis by Loren Long, in support of Jumpstart’s mission to work towards the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. Join Jumpstart’s Read for the Record and put children first! Click here for more information.


Locate Materials for the Event

Read the book of the day, Otis, on the We Give Books website

Activity Guides

Reading Guide

Plan Your Event Tools


Event Ideas

  • Pre-tape or plan a live broadcast of your principal or yourself reading a copy of Otis. (Broadcast at a certain time or play a video throughout the day)
  • Arrange for older students to read to younger students in your school.
  • Pass along event information to teachers for classroom participation.


We Give Books Website

The electronic version of the book, Otis, can be read online at We Give Books.  Following this event, spread the word at your school about this wonderful website that has many other wonderful books available for everyone.

Also, consider signing your school up to participate in the Read for My School Program.  Your school can earn free books by reading great books online.  Click for more information