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Creating Library Lesson Plans that Wow!

August 2nd, 2015



Library lessons help students master information literacy skills and also support the regular classroom curriculum.  The library is an extension of classroom teaching and learning experiences; a place where students can explore topics in a number of exciting ways.

When planning for library classes, librarians can include a variety of teaching and learning methods that will engage students and have them eager to participate and learn.  This is when a lesson is not just a lesson, but one that consistently moves the learner into the learning experience.  These lessons  not only teach concepts; they also generate the “wow” effect in learning.

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Library Lion Library Lesson Plan and School Library Rules

July 23rd, 2015



Library Lion, by Michelle Knudsen is one of our favorites for beginning of the year library visits.  Library Lion is a great book to plan library lesson plans for younger students, as you begin orientation and discussion of library rules and procedures.  (Great for a second library visit following the first library orientation lesson)

The attention-grabbing feature of this book is that THERE IS A LION IN THE LIBRARY!  However, students will soon find out that he is a very gentle; lovable lion with a great big heart–and a tremendous love for libraries.

Asking students what they would do if there was a lion in the library is a fun discussion before reading the book.

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