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Library Teacher Tools is a comprehensive online resource for school librarians. We understand that a variety of tools are needed to plan for the many components of a school library media program. As such, we take a broad approach to the resources presented on our site.

Beyond lesson plans, Library Teacher Tools addresses all planning needs of the school librarian, from teaching, to collection development and more.

With busy day-to-day schedules, planning can become a challenge.  Library Teacher Tools was created by a national board certified school librarian and university level library media classroom facilitator who needed more time and a  better way to plan. The solution came with the creation of a personal planning and organization system, which evolved into something that would be ideal to share.

The mission of Library Teacher Tools is to assist school librarians with planning efforts throughout the year and to provide quality ideas, information, and materials that specifically address school library needs.

Explore our site to learn more.  You can become a member at any time and have year round access to our Toolbox.  The Toolbox is the place where you will find tons of planning and teaching materials that will save you time each day!

In the Toolbox, we have started with essential base tools that support recurring needs of school librarians throughout each school year.  We will update our site regularly by providing new tools each month.  This ensures that we are delivering the most current and relevant information and materials available.  This also allows our members to explore new tools on a continuous basis without feeling overwhelmed.

We strive to provide a content-rich online environment, along with a user-friendly experience.  As our site grows, members have the ability to use a searchable database to locate previous tools.  Our site also allows members to use their personal accounts to bookmark favorite tools for quick and easy access.

Happy and Stress-Free Planning from Library Teacher Tools!

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