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Library Lion Library Lesson Plan and School Library Rules

July 23rd, 2015


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Library Lion, by Michelle Knudsen is one of our favorites for beginning of the year library visits.  Library Lion is a great book to plan library lesson plans for younger students, as you begin orientation and discussion of library rules and procedures.  (Great for a second library visit following the first library orientation lesson)

The attention-grabbing feature of this book is that THERE IS A LION IN THE LIBRARY!  However, students will soon find out that he is a very gentle; lovable lion with a great big heart–and a tremendous love for libraries.

Asking students what they would do if there was a lion in the library is a fun discussion before reading the book.

The book introduces rules that need to be followed in the library and this is a great way to start talking to students about “dos” and “don’ts” when they visit for library time.  It also opens up discussion about the importance of having and following school and library rules and procedures.

A great bonus is that this book is featured on Storyline Online, where celebrity guest reader, Mindy Sterling reads the story aloud on video.  This will offer the option of projecting the story using a Smartboard and LCD projector.

Storyline Online also offers a wonderful teaching guide that suggests several great ways that this book can be used to plan library lessons.  If you are planning to use the book to discuss library rules, there is a great list of questions in the guide that would be great for your discussion.

Share this book with your students and watch their faces light up when they meet the Library Lion!


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