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Featured Tool

Our newest featured tool is My Storymaker from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

About My Storymaker:

My Storymaker is a wonderful tool that will help students create their own story adventure.  Students can use this tool to plan a story, where they can choose and insert characters, scenery, and objects.

A great way to use My Storymaker is to plan a lesson that focuses on the elements of a story.  Students can review the characters, setting, problem, and solution in a story, then work to create their own story using the My Storymaker tool.

See:  Library Teacher Tools Toolbox:  Cinderella-Elements of a Story Lesson Plan

Another great feature available with this tool is the ability to print and save stories.  Upon completion of a story, students will be issued a “magic code”.  The code will allow them to view a previously created story from the library website.

Use this tool to plan library lessons and to collaborate with teachers at your school.











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